When you start your search for property for sale in St. Louis, you will find no better partner than One West. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right home quickly and efficiently as possible, whether you’re buying a new home in a different neighborhood or looking for that next investment property.

Our detailed approach to service
One West will guide you through the steps of the home buying process, from identifying properties which meet your criteria to negotiating the sale, navigating the contract contingencies and ultimately closing on your  home. Here is our plan for helping you find that next home.

Our first step in assisting you is to listen. Our agents want to hear from you the characteristics of a home and neighborhood that you desire. The price range and the desired proximity to home, and schools, are all critical factors.

One West can assist you with recommending reputable mortgage bankers and lenders. We are strictly independent; we do not have a business interest or ownership stake in any mortgage brokerage or any related service providers. A pre-approval letter or proof of funds will make your home buying process smoother and your contract more appealing to the seller.

Buyer Agency Standards
Your agent will disclose the ways in which you are entitled to work with your Realtor. One West offers buyer agency for the highest level of fiduciary care.

Touring Homes
Your agent will meet you at an agreed upon location to show you  properties that meet your criteria. As you visit properties, make notes and comments as to what you like and do not like. Communicate those thoughts to your agent, as well as any changes or adjustments you want to make going forward. An open communication approach will help everyone be more effective.

Coming Soon
Your buyer’s agent can register you to receive MLS properties directly to your email after they are entered as a listing. One West can inform you about any “coming soon” homes that have not been made public. We regularly have access to non – MLS homes.

Our agents are licensed to complete a Special Sale or Residential Sale Contract, prepared by the St. Louis Association of Realtors and Missouri Bar Association. Price, earnest money, finance and appraisal terms, inspection contingencies, title investigation and closing date are all important considerations. Your buyer’s agent will negotiate on your behalf to arrive at the most favorable terms for you.

Your agent will assist in scheduling inspectors of your choice. Environmental, termite, radon, sewer scopes, and building/structural inspections are strongly encouraged. Your agent will accompany you on the inspection and negotiate items that you want repaired or need replacement prior to closing.

Loan Commitment, Insurance, Title and Survey
You will complete your mortgage application process and contact your homeowner’s insurance provider. Your lender should accompany you and your agent to the big day – closing!

A few days prior to closing, your agent will schedule a “walk through” for you to observe the property condition for a final time. You should arrange for the utilities to be transferred to your name. Our agent will arrange plans for the keys to be delivered to you. Your agent or title representative will contact you a few days prior to closing with your final closing instructions.

Reo Buyers

At One West, we enjoy working with buyers and agents that want to purchase REO properties. We make ourselves accessible to address any questions or concerns. Purchasing an REO property from a lender, bank, or other financial institution is different than buying a home from another homeowner. Purchasing an REO property is a time sensitive and competitive process. Attention to detail and understanding the REO purchase process will help you successfully close a deal. Corporate clients’ internal procedures allow them to sell an enormous number of properties each year. Sometimes these procedures can be less flexible than purchasing from a typical homeowner.

Closing dates that are agreed to by the conventional buyer and seller are not typically extended by corporate sellers. It is extremely important to submit fully documented offers that include pre-approval or verification of funds if making a cash offer, copy of earnest monies, and all addendums and necessary language as requested by the seller. Selling agents need to stay involved with their buyers every step of the way until the deal is closed and funded. Selling agents should be prepared to take the lead on ordering title work, surveys, and other necessary items for their buyers. A proactive approach towards the process will get the deal done.

Listed below are some points…

  • Properties are sold “as is” and the seller will not make any repairs.
  • Seller will not provide a seller’s disclosure.
  • The asking price of the property reflects the condition of the property.
  • Buyers should be pre-qualified for financing before making an offer or provide a proof of funds if using cash.
  • Corporate owners seldom negotiate the price on REO properties.
  • All offers must be accompanied by a finance pre-approval or verification of funds, copy of earnest monies, and all addendums and language required by seller.
  • Sellers expect to close on the date agreed upon in the contract.

REO Services

At One West, we offer the following services to assure our clients that their assets are preserved, evaluated, marketed and sold as soon as possible. We approach all of our services with a great deal of urgency.

They include:

  • Internal and external Broker Price Opinions (BPO)
  • Occupancy status and occupant notification
  • Re-key and secure property
  • Utility company notification
  • Preliminary title work can be ordered
  • Trash out and clean up bids
  • Revised Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Ongoing and seasonal maintenance
  • Monthly reports and forms
  • Pre-market the property
  • Market the property (MLS, website, investor e-mails)
  • Buyer pre-qualification, addendums, and earnest monies
  • Closing management
  • REO agency management system
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